“I have been taking classes with Gayle Persons’ for 8 years, with three different dogs. I have never been so please as I am here, with both the training process and the results; and I had worked with many dog trainers over the previous 30 years, including training for obedience, competition and field work. Gayle and Paula have that rare ability to read and assess the handler, the dog, and the “team” of handler and dog. They understand how to teach the same handler to work effectively with different dogs – or two different handlers in a family to work effectively with the same dog; this is how you KNOW you are getting quality training … There is no ‘one size fits all’. You are given individual attention as needed, despite being in a class setting. There is persistent attention to: positive reinforcement; understanding your dog and your interactions with him/her, more objectively; and clearly communicating what you want from the dog. Gayle and her staff achieve a nice balance of fun, learning and confidence building for both handlers and dogs. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of training and coaching I’ve had here!

– Kristi S.

“I have been training with Gayle Person’s for over 20 years of dog ownership. I have completed dog obedience with Gayle with past dogs that my husband and I have owned as well as my present dogs. Gayle is very knowledgeable regarding training strategies and can individualize her training to you and your dog’s needs. Training at Gayle Persons’ dog training academy is always presented in a positive manner to both the handler and their dog. I would highly recommend Gayle’s dog training classes to any new dog owner so that you and your pup can learn basic obedience skills. My dogs and I have enjoyed bonding through a variety of training skills/classes (ie. obedience, rally, agility, etc.) and just keep coming back. Learning never stops and best of all training with your dog is fun!”

– Laurie P.

“I have participated in Gayle Persons Training Academy classes for over 20 years. My dogs have completed levels 1 through 3 – 4 obedience training. Her classes are small group classes with 8 to 10 dogs. She teaches positive reinforcement & lots of praise. In level one you learn a series of steps each week. You practice at home mastering each stop before moving to the next. The basic steps are sit, stay, down, stand, recall (come & sit in front), heel & loose leash walking. Each week you notice improvement in your dog. This is teaching you how to handle your dog & your dog how to focus on you with distractions. You practice a lot of heeling and learn walking in a figure 8. This teaches the dog to turn with you. You learn to turn so you don’t step on your dog.

You may do well one week & struggle on another command. Everyone supports each other. The important thing is your dog is looking to learn & to please you. A trained dog is happy dog. A trained dog equals a happy owner. Gayle is the best around. She’ll help you through anything. In level two you continue to reinforce all you learned in level one. You start training in off leash walking and hand signals. By level three – four you & your dog are gaining confidence and are comfortable with each other. The dog is focused on you.

My dogs continued in her Canine Good Citizens classes. Canine Good Citizen is all the basic commands learned in the previous levels. In addition, you have a meet & greet. You & your dog come across the room to each other & meet in the middle. You sit your dog, greet the person. The dogs can’t cross over. It also includes you mingling through a crowd with your dog staying calm. Then you leave dog in a sit or down for three minutes with someone & you’re out of site. The dog can’t get up. 

My previous dog was a Registered Therapy Dog I trained in Gayle’s classes. It’s all the high level obedience classes, Canine Good Citizens & then they’re tested by brushing them, pressing the pads of their feet, testing with a cane or crutches wheel chair & other dogs. They are tested in different scenarios. Once a dog has a Canine Good Citizen- Title they can obtain different level of trick dog. Those classes are fun & taught by Gayle’s partner Lauren Lederman. 

Throughout the years, I have always participated in Agility classes. These are enjoyable and fun for you & your dog. The dog has to complete level one to participate in Agility class. They have to at least listen. In the summer months Gayle sets up the course in her huge country yard. She sets the equipment differently weekly. The dog quickly learns the name of the teeter, tire, dog walk, tunnel, A frame & a series of jumps. She thinks of different patterns we run. A challenge is 3 or 4 pieces of equipment you direct the dog too. The object is you stand still. That’s the hard part. It’s fun & a good change from obedience classes. In the winter months she set it up in her shop. 

Gayle is an experienced trainer. Her classes are based on positive reinforcement & praise. Any issue you have or your pet has she’s willing to help with. Most issues are our issues rather than dog issues.     If we are nervous or anxious it seems to go right down the leash to the dog. It’s usually what we’re doing rather than what the dog is doing. Gayle is the best trainer around. Her training center offers other classes as well.

– Jeannine S.