About Paula

Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

Providing A Fun & Safe environment for training your best friend!

I have trained my own 7 dogs in obedience and in therapy dog work since 2002.  I believe strongly in helping owners develop a unique bond with their well-trained dog. I want all my students to leave class with the knowledge to help them develop that bond. I’ve been teaching obedience classes with Gayle Person since 2015. 

I have extensive experience teaching all breeds, with a special soft spot for Golden’s. I’ve trained, tested and registered 7 of my Golden Retrievers as therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International. I’ve registered 13 total dogs, singly or as teams. 

I’ve done thousands of visits at schools, libraries, hospital, cancer center, pediatric dental office, juvenile detention center. I periodically teach a class to prepare handlers and dogs to pass the Therapy Dogs International test. 

Therapy dog training and experience:

  • Trained, tested and handled 7 of my Golden Retrievers as registered therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International since 2002.
  • Registered on a total of 13 dogs, singly and and have team tested.
  • Performed thousands of therapy dog visits in schools, libraries, hospital, cancer centers, pediatric dental office, juvenile detention center.  
  • Periodically teach a therapy dog class for handlers/ dogs to prepare them for the Therapy Dogs International test.  

 Obedience training experience:

  • Trained 7 of my Golden Retrievers since 1998.
  • Began teaching obedience training classes with Gayle Person in 2015.
  • I believe in the unique bond between handler and a well-trained dog, and want each team to develop that bond, and leave my class knowing what each should expect of the other.  
  • I have extensive knowledge, understanding and love of Golden Retrievers, and an ability to train all breeds.