About Kelly

Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

Providing A Fun & Safe environment for training your best friend!

 I have always loved animals and the bond we share with them. When I acquired my first dog Archer, I was determined to have a well-behaved dog and possibly one day make him a therapy dog. I started my first obedience classes with Gayle in 2002. I was hooked from the start. I enjoyed the strong bond with Archer and I formed, as we worked as a team. Archer had a short career as a therapy dog, bringing smiles to people in nursing homes. We had to discontinue that because of an auto-immune disease Archer acquired, but that didn’t stop us from competing in Obedience and Rally as well as learning and having fun with Agility.

Coming to my classes early and watching the class before mine, lead me and Archer to helping Gayle teach people to train their dogs over the last 21 years. I learned a lot from Archer and continue to learn from my current dog Tag as we move forward as a team.

I enjoy watching people form stronger bonds with their dogs, learning to understand their dogs as we teach them to teach their dogs. I hope that working with your dog helps you form that bond i did with my dogs and you both find the joy in working as a team.