About Gayle

Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

Providing A Fun & Safe environment for training your best friend!

Hi, I’m Gayle Persons. I started training in 1968 in 4-H with my 1st dog “Duke”, an all American. In 1985 a friend of mine and I started Royal School of Dog Obedience. I went on my own to establish Gayle Persons Dog Training Academy in 1992. I have been involved with 4-H for many years, as a leader, co-leader and trainer. I have enjoyed working with the kids & teaching them how to train their dogs.

First and foremost all of my dogs are/were family pets, however I do enjoy competing in obedience, rally & agility. I have owned many dogs over the years. Sparky a beagle. He was number one in the state when I competed in 4-H. My 1st purebred dog was a standard poodle “Zip”. She went on to receive her C.D.

Next was “Rauchen” my 1st Rottweiler. He also received his C.D. I then adopted “Gabby” a standard poodle, “Afra” a German shepherd, she also had a C.D. Max was my 2nd Rottweiler. He received his R.E., C.D.X. My 1st Sheltie was “Merle”, he never competed due to a broken leg, but he was certainly a great dog. My 2nd Sheltie “Chase” (definitely my heart dog), was my 1st U.D., also had a R.E. & A.N.title. We competed in AKC & UKC., he was amazing, we learned a lot together.

Nuke was my 3rd Rottweiler. He had his R.E. & C.D. X. as well. My current dogs are “Cory” a 9 year old Sheltie. He has his C.D.. Tripp, my 1st Dutch Shepherd. He is so amazing, He will be 3 on 3/10. He already has his R.N, CGC, FDC, TDE, B.N. & C.D., He is so willing to learn, almost demanding to learn something new all the time.

(C.D. is a title known as Companion Dog, C.D.X. is Companion Dog Excellent, U.D. is Utility Dog, R.N. is Rally Novice, R.E. is Rally Excellent, CGC is Canine Good Citizen, FDC is Farm Dog, TDE is Trick Dog Elite, B.N. is Beginner Novice).

I also share my life with a wonderful husband of over 40 years. He owns a very little & endearing dachshund, named “Slinky”. We also have 3 cats , that sometimes think they rule the house. I also have 2 children , a son & daughter, that have families of their own and 2 great step-sons.